How to become an PHC forum moderator?

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    Wish to be an PHCHEATS forum moderator?

    Are you patient and friendly? Do you enjoy helping others?

    Are you knowledgeable about PHCHEATS and good at explaining complex concepts in an easy to understand way?

    Moderator work is time consuming and can sometimes seem thankless. It is not always easy and not always fun. You will make new friends but may also lose some. From time to time you will be called upon to make hard decisions - even some you may personally disagree with. That said, it can also be your most rewarding experience on PHCHEATS.

    What does it take?

    - You must be at least 15 years old and willing to handle content that may not be appropriate for younger audiences.

    - You must have a registered avatar name (i.e. no Guest_ name).

    - You must be a member of PHCHEATS for a minimum of 6 months. Moderators should know how things work on PHCHEATS so this experience is necessary.

    - You must be a member in good standing. If you have repeated warnings, bans, or other actions taken against you it is unlikely youll be chosen to be a moderator. If you are not sure about your standing, you can any Admins and we can take a look. We will still consider applications from users who have had minor incidences in the past.

    - You should have at least 50 forums posts. Your active participation in the forums means you are familiar with them and you understand the guidelines and the forum community.

    - You should have a helpful posting style. We want our users to have guidance from moderators who are able to help them in a variety of situations. Moderators need to explain concepts, provide direction and guidance and all with a friendly voice. A helpful posting style means answering questions and politely pointing out the rules or redirecting users to the information they seek.

    What makes you stand out?

    You have to show that you can think on your feet. You need to have independent thinking but also be able to temper that individuality with respect for PHCHEATS and its community.

    You have to be able to handle personal attacks without retaliating in kind. It is important to step back and keep your objectivity no matter what.

    You need patience... a lot of it.

    You do not have to be a developer. However, having developer knowledge is an asset we value in our moderators.

    In addition to all of the above requirements and guidelines, you also need to have the following in order to be considered for our new international forums:

    - You must be fluent in English or tagalog. English is the primary language for our PHCHEATS staff and forums, so in order for us to communicate to one another effectively, applicants must be fluent in English or tagalog.

    - You must have an exceptional grasp of cultural context. We are looking for mods who can not only understand another language but understand netspeak in that language, acronyms, multiple meanings of words, etc. in order to understand forum content.

    So how should you proceed?

    Please send me a Private Message with the answers to the questions below.

    -First Name: 
    -Email address: 
    -Your avatar names (including alts): 
    -Are you a content creator? 
    -How long have you been part of PHCHEATS and a participant on the forums? 
    -Have you been given any warnings or received any temporary bans in -the last 6 months? 
    -Are you active in any Gamehacking site? If yes, which ones? 
    We ask all of our moderators to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Do you have any issues signing such an agreement?

    Also, write in your own words why you want to be a moderator on PHCHEATS and how you think you can contribute to the team.
    Note: If you are applying to be a moderator in our international forums, please include more detail on why you would be a great mod in a particular language. Also include any other relevant information on how long you have spoken this language, if you have lived in a country that spoke that language natively, etc.

    Please be aware that becoming a moderator on PHCHEATS is strictly on a volunteer basis. Our moderators are not paid but do have rules and guidelines they must follow to stay active as moderators.

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